An episodic series celebrating craftsmen of mountain towns.

Cloudveil proudly presents Makers, an episodic series exploring the craftsmen that call the mountains their home.
Mountain towns are usually known for extreme athletes and sport driven endeavors, we thought it would be nice to hear from some of the other characters, and their stories of obsession, belonging, and intense attention to detail.

Episode 01

Our first episode will feature Russ Fry from Livingston, Montana an incredibly talented hat maker, renaissance man and father.

“Sometimes Creativity is a little quieter, less chaotic”



Russ Fry

( Yellowstone Hat Co. )

Originally from Oklahoma, Russ moved to Bozeman, Montana, and finally settled in the small town of Livingston. A new father, furniture maker, and hat maker, Russ is all about the process of creativity.

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Episode 02

Our second episode features Kenan Anderson, Head Chef at Blackbird Kitchen.

“Sometimes the decision is what to let burn.” says Kenan



Kenan Anderson

( Head Chef at Blackbird Kitchen )


Kenan Anderson

( Head Chef at

Blackbird Kitchen )

When he felt ready for a change, Anderson came to Bozeman, a place he had called home years before. He says that Blackbird was the first restaurant he brought his résumé to. Eight years later, he’s head chef.

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